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Samsung 32" Curved Multimedia Monitor with Remote control

€315.00 inc vat
32" Curved Multimedia Monitor
Part Number: C32F39NFUU
Availability: In Stock
Everything in one place
Now you can enjoy all your entertainment on just one monitor. For example, simply connect your TV box or game console to the Curved Monitor and experience captivating entertainment while you can do your everyday tasks on your PC.

Optimally equipped
The perfect equipment for entertainment enjoyment. With the remote control you can switch on the monitor, change the screen brightness and select the picture mode. And thanks to the wide viewing angle and the built-in 5W speakers, you can enjoy an experience almost like on TV without additional cables.

Pure entertainment
Experience your entertainment even more intensely with the breathtaking 1800R curvature. The curvature arches around your complete field of vision, so that you can dive deeper into your games and films and be less distracted.

A viewing experience of the extra class
Treat your eyes to even more visual comfort. Tests have shown that the deep 1800R curvature can be easy on the eyes. With a constant distance to the monitor, working and playing becomes more comfortable than ever, even with longer use.

Eye-friendly monitor
By reducing blue light emissions, the Eye Saver mode reduces eye fatigue and offers a more comfortable viewing experience. The Flicker Free technology minimizes distracting screen flickering and thanks to the wide viewing angle, images appear crystal clear from every seat.

  • Product Name : C32F39NFUU
  • Remote control
  • Built-in 5W speaker
  • Curved screen
  • Response time : 4 ms (GTG)
  • Refresh rate : 60 Hz
  • Backlight technology : LED
  • HDMI ™ : 2 x
  • Headphones : Yes

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