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Razer Ferox *2013* Mobile Gaming & Music Speakers

€59.99 inc vat
2013 edition green lights
Availability: In Stock
360° Omnidirectional Sound 
Unlike forward-facing speakers that only send sound in one direction, the Razer Ferox’s drivers are strategically positioned to produce a phenomenal omnidirectional soundstage that fills your surroundings in every direction evenly and completely.

Improved Expanded Resonance Chamber 
Thanks to its improved expanded resonance chambers and a distinctive driver construction, the Razer Ferox delivers rich acoustics and quality bass for a powerful, immersive audio experience despite its diminutive size.
Optimized Digital Amplification 
Experience crystal-clear audio with lower distortion levels thanks to the Razer Ferox’s digital amplification. Enjoy loud and clear audio on the go for up to 8 hours, with true-to-life quality acoustics and improved bass response.

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