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Modcom VOLCANO MC-859 BOW gaming headset

€39.99 inc vat
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MODECOM Volcano Bow headphones are one of several models of Volcano Gaming series headphones dedicated to gamers. Designed for maximum comfort of use while playing computer games for many hours during all kinds of Gaming adventures. Lightweight and pleasant to use, they do not tire their ears, and 50 millimeter pickups intensify the pleasure of listening to music and the sounds of the virtual world. Thanks to MODECOM Volcano Bow, your sense of hearing will be filled with the most pleasant details of multimedia entertainment.

Gaming headphones

Comfortable construction
The headphones are designed for maximum comfort of use.
High quality
Soft and pleasant to the touch materials allow you to use the headphones for many hours without feeling tired.
Stereo sound
The sound is clear and clean, 50 millimeter pickups maximize the pleasure of playing computer games.
Remote control on cable
The sound volume control remote control is placed on a long 2.2 m long braided lead.

Adapter included
Adapter from 4-pin 3.5mm mini-Jack into 2x3.5 mm mini-Jack
Adjustable microphone
Built-in microphone allows you to conduct conversations during multimedia entertainment.
LED backlight
The headphones not only offer good sound quality, but also look good. LED backlight emphasize its gaming style.
Additional „pillows”
Additional and very comfortable „pillows” are included.

Pickups Ø50mm
Impedance 16?
Frequency range 20Hz-20kHz
Sensitivity 114dB±3dB
Microphone sensivity -36dB±1dB
Cable lenght 2,2 m
Power USB 5V @ 100mA
Port mini jack 3.5mm CTIA standards, USB
Weight netto 400 g

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