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Gigabyte G750H - 750 Watts 80+ Gold Modular Power Supply

€105.01 inc vat
Modular 80+ Gold
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Modular Design
The black flat cables are modular. 
Installing only the cables you need to increase the airflow and to improve the chassis thermal performance.

High Quality 100% Japanese Electrolytic Capacitors
All electrolytic capacitors are high quality Japanese electrolytic capacitors, to produce the efficient performance and to ensure the longer reliability.

80 Plus Gold Certified
80 Plus certified ensures the better power efficiency. Less power waste reduces the heat and fan noise.

140mm Smart Control Fan
140mm cooling fan with smart control system optimizes the noise reduction and the performance. 
The fan speed is adjusted according to the automatic power detection. 
The ball bearing fan provides longer and more stable life time.

Single +12V Rail
Single +12V rail provides the best power output, stability and compatibility for the hardware. 
And it is the best design for overclocking.

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