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Cooler Master MASTERBOX Pro 5 RGB

€109.00 inc vat
Cooler Master Master Case Pro 5
Part Number: Masterbox Pro
Availability: In Stock
Exploring the InteriorCreate a design that follows your personality and preferences. This case is designed to allow users the freedom to configure everything from components to lighthing however they want.
Tempered Glass Side Panel4MM THICK EDGE TO EDGE TEMPERED GLASS SIDE PANELShow off your perfect build and powerful components through the 4mm thick, edge to edge, tempered glass side panel!
FOR MOTHERBOARDSExpanding the PossibilitiesMotherboard tray cut-outs creatively rearrange space for any size motherboardMINI ITXMICRO-ATXATXE-ATX *Each slot supports one motherboard type
Expanding the PossibilitiesFOR STORAGETray cut-outs also allow for the easy mounting and rearranging of SSDs and HDDs across the motherboard tray, along the bottom shelf, or on the back side of the tray (for SSDs)

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