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iiyama BlackHawk G-MASTER G2730HSU-B1 - 27'' Boarderless - Full HD- 1ms - HDMI - 75Hz

€225.00 inc vat
27" - Full HD - HDMI - 1MS - 75Hz
Part Number: G-MASTER G2730HSU-B1
Availability: Coming soon
G2730HSU-B1 - 27'' Boarderless

Black Hawk – no evil shall pass
The 27’’ G-MASTER GE2788HS known as Black Hawk is the perfect companion at your side. Hard-bitten and trust-worthy, it will make your enemies shiver. Famous for being a very capable hunter with extremely good vision the Black Hawk, armed with FreeSync Technology, eliminates your enemies with a stunning 1 ms response time. And if darkness falls across the land, the Black Tuner function allows you to adjust brightness in the dark shades enhancing detail in shadowed areas making sure no foes remain unseen. So login to the world of games, put on your headset and immerse yourself in your favourite game displayed in beautiful clarity.

1 MS
Fast response time is key to ultra-smooth game. It reduces ghosting and blurring providing the user with a rich experience to improve performance

The users can adjust the brightness and the dark shades with the Black Tuner, giving greater viewing performance in shadowed areas and helping to spot the enemy earlier.

Have it your way! Choose one of the predefined gaming modes (including FPS and strategy) or set and memmorize your own settings.

Playing with friends? Use the integrated high quality speakers. Don’t want to disturb anybody? Plug your headset to the headphone socket and turn up the volume!

As we all know looking at a monitor screen for several hours per day, especially form a closer distance, causes eye fatigue. This effect is much stronger with computer screens than with TV equipment. One of the factors responsible for this phenomenon is the blue light emitted by the screen. Therefore reducing the amount of blue light ultimately allows our eyes to feel less tired while working long hours with a computer screen. We achieved it by adjusting the monitor's brightness and color temperature through a new feature called “Blue light reduction” easily accessible through the monitor’s OSD menu.

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